Monday, June 18, 2007

Can 4 million americans be wrong?

I recently read an article that stated that an estimated 4 million Americans believe they have been abducted and molested by alien creatures. That's right, 4 million Americans.

I have a couple o' questions -- first why Americans? Is alien abduction strictly an American phenomena? And why is there invariably a sexual component? Is that part of it being an American thing? And, so many abductees believe they have actually been abducted multiple times -- which means that there are millions and millions of abductions taking place over the American skies, which leads to the question -- why don't we have better proof of alien ships whizzing about the stratosphere? The government couldn't be THAT good at hiding something this big.

And lastly, perhaps the government types who are trying to close down the borders to non-blue eyed blond types should be playing up the likelihood of alien abduction/molestation if you come to our country?

OOOH - I thought of another last question . . . . did aliens take my kidneys?

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