Sunday, June 24, 2007

Breaking up is easy

I don't quite get why some humans can't just walk away from a relationship. Why must there be stalking and harassment and killing?

I'm talking, of course of the rash of killings involving folks who really should have just broken up.

There is the cop in Ohio who will be having his first appearance in court in the morning - but it looks like he offed the woman he was having an extra-marital affair with -- who was soon to be the mother of their second child. (I say extra marital because the officer and his wife are not yet divorced. It isn't clear how much over lap between his leaving his wife's bed and jumping into this other woman's there was . . . but I'm thinking it would have been so much easier for him to just say "I'm outta here" than what is alleged to have happened.)

And there is the guy in Illinois who is charged with killing his wife and three children. Yeah, eventually child support court would have found him - and his children may have grown up bitter because dad ran out on them. But, wouldn't that be sooooooooo much better than shooting them all?

And, tangentially are the two young soldiers who have been charged with trying to sell stolen military equipment to undercover FBI agents. Apparently, they even tried to figure out how to sell a humvee. The young men's parents characterize their children as "scared little boy" and "a little immature." Oh yeah - we want those guys representing us oversees, right? Their families say that the boys just wanted out of the military and didn't really understand what they were doing. Um, surely, there are easier ways of getting away from the military (say, they start sharing very public kisses?) than committing the most basic of no-nos -- stealing. I mean, really, are we to believe they didn't understand that stealing bad? Selling stolen military equipment very very bad? I'm pretty sure every kindergartner out there gets that one.

So, next time you're faced with the choice of a terrible crime that will have you facing possibly the death penalty or being a cad -- be the cad, okay?

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andre luna said...

hi guy. I atend psychology, for a long time I've been thinking how could the world be if people were just a kind different...what about u?