Monday, June 04, 2007

And FREE candy too!

Once again the instant film developing thingie at massive mart is broken. This is the second time in recent memory when it's been broken when I specifically had film to develop. I'm starting to think that the rolls and rolls and rolls of film of monkey parading as person (rather than the oh so socially acceptable person parading as monkey) pictures are freaking them out and now when I walk in with film in hand, they throw up the "broken, so sorry" sign just to avert my business. (Frankly, this is a whole lot more insulting than the time they handed my my picture envelope and curtly said "you'll have to pay for those up front." It took several rolls of pictures of puppies, kittens, and babies to make them like me again. I made sure there were at least a few kittens/puppies/babies snaps on this roll just to be safe.)

Anyway - I was forced to take my film elsewhere -- which meant any one of three chain drug stores. I picked the one closest to the fast food place I was getting lunch. The teen aged boy was exceptionally helpful in showing me how to fill out the "name, date, time" portion of the film sleeve. But, the really cool bit came when I picked it all up later . . . I must have been looking peaked because the kind sales lady gave me a free chocolate bar -- whole - packaging not ripped -- no obvious bug damage, or anything.

I'm sooooo totally going back there. Maybe if I hobble in with only one shoe, they'll give me nifty plastic shoes too!!!??? I wonder what I have to do to score a beach chair?

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