Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why I love Joe Paterno

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The short of it is that in response to a fight in which several Penn State football players stopped what they were doing, traveled to another location, and participated in a fight, Paterno has put his foot down. Because members of his team were involved in the fight and as he puts it, embarrassed the team, he is going to teach them all about their place in the world and the meaning of behaving yourself.

This summer, the team will build a habitat house and volunteer with special olympics. But the really big thing is that he will have his team up bright and early on Sundays after home games and they will have to clean up the football stadium. The Whole Team. All 107,000 + seats. And, the money that is usually paid to club sports groups will still be given to the club sports, they just will get to sleep in a bit more on the weekends.

I love it. Old school coaching. Real and meaningful punishment. Plus, the whole concept of peer pressure to behave will mean even more.

They just don't make coaches like ol' joe anymore.

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