Monday, May 21, 2007

A Twitter

And not because I'm currently playing wet nurse to a wee small furry thing we TWICE rescued from the neighbor's dog. It's much much more mundane than that. (Although, we are seriously considering calling the new thing "Seven") A bit over two years ago, we set out on a home improvement adventure. We called up quite a few contractors in the area. We avoided the big, huge company that advertises all over the place and tried to throw some bucks towards the local guys.

Three told us that the "job" was too small for them to even consider. Two were tricked into coming to eyeball the project and give us an estimate. One guy got horribly insulted that I wouldn't entertain the idea of having men I don't know mucking about in my home when one of the HUMAN LIKE beings was home that he never even measured or gave us an estimate.

The other guy came highly recommended, lives in our neighborhood (can't get much more local than that) and actually "walked off" the kitchen in some sort of way as to make us think he was measuring it off. Then, he never gave us and estimate or called us back. Well, not until 18 months later when he called on a Sunday night and announced that he'd be at our home on Monday morning to get to work. We, in our best passive aggressive way, declined. We never called him back.

So, we have decided to go with the big huge company. I left a message with them today that I'd like them to pay us a visit and give us an estimate. AND THEY CALLED ME RIGHT BACK!!!! I was absolutely giddy. And, they are coming out on Wednesday night to eyeball the project(s) - on our schedule - not theirs.

I'm so happy, I'm actually thinking up new projects to add to the pile. We might be getting gutters and painting done too!!! And a lovely stone tile in the kitchen.

Of course, by the time they actually finish the job - I might be a silver back and living alone with 2 dozen cats who are just waiting for me to die so they can eat my face.

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