Monday, May 28, 2007

In praise of the 4 day weekend

I hate to admit this - but I'm kinda bored. It only took 4 days too. Friday was fun - I slept in a bit. I saw the pirates movie. I hung out with the Phenom, which is always fun. Saturday wasn't as much fun because the Phenom was paying the price for over indulging in movie treats. Nothing much of anything got accomplished. Yesterday, I did laundry. Not much else. Oh, I got some sun. I look less menacing and monkey like with a bit of a tan.

Today, I did the weekly shop. The contractor came by with the contracts. I feel a bit too "handled" and suspect they are making much more of a profit than they want us to catch on about. But, we are paying them to handle all of the logistics. And, it's taken us quite some time to convince any contractor to enter our home and suggest they might take our money. I guess it all comes with a price. Tonight, I made stuffed shells - massive quantities of them. Sadly, the Phenom will only eat the shells portion. It's been a year since I made them last. I love them. It's as close to lasagna as I dare get. My argument that they were essentially italian enchiladas didn't help any. (but they are)

I really ought to go press the trousers for my scary suit I need to wear tomorrow. But, I'm struck with a mild case of ennui. Maybe if I went to wikipedia and made up a few entries, I'd feel better?

I am looking forward to going back to the office tomorrow. Perhaps that's the best possible out come of a long weekend? And, the real vacation is a mere week and a half away.

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