Friday, May 25, 2007

Hop to my loo

The Phenom and I have decided to blow our summer, our money, and our relationship on some home renovation projects. This has been a long time in coming. We tried two years ago to get this work done to our house - and three local contractors told us that the job was too small for them to even consider. Two actually came to our home to look at the projects. One was horribly insulted by the fact I don't fancy having men I've never met before mucking about in my home with out one of us physically being on-site and he left in a prissy huff and never returned. The other guy kinda walked across our kitchen floor and and said he'd be back to do the job.

18 months later, he called on a Sunday evening and said he'd be at our house in the morning to start work. We told him not to bother. He never ordered the materials. He never even took real measurements. I'm not quite sure why he thought we'd hire him after so long a lapse.

So, we finally bamboozled another contractor to our home. AND LO! he wants the job. He even took measurements and told us to go pick out the various bits we want installed.

Off to the home improvement store we went. We picked out floorings. We picked out vinyl and shutters. We found a new shower and fixtures and a brand new loo. Now, normally, I give little thought to the look and functions of toilets -- unless they stop working, of course. I was stunned to see several models that boasted that they could flush 150 feet of toilet paper in a single flush. (imagine the butt that would require that much paper . . . . ) But, what surprised me the most is that after just shrugging and protesting that anything was fine for all the other items we picked out, the Phenom absolutely fell IN LOVE with a loo.

I give you people the TT-6000 (I swear - that's the name the manufacturer gave it - not me)
Handsome, no?

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