Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A little secret to my success

I regularly like to pin the Phenom down and won't let up until I'm told that I'm the "master" of the scam, sexual innuendo, and the pantsing. (I have said it before, and stand by it now, there is a part of all of us that never outgrows the 4th and 7th grades.)

Anyway - I thought I'd share a bit on my philosophy about scams.

The scam needs to be something that builds up. Good scams are ones in which the victim actually ends up inflicting their own harm. The VERY BEST scams are when there is no actual scam but the target has fits trying to avoid the assumed scam.


Today the Evil Side Kick (ESK) told me that the left turn signal in her vehicle was broken - but everytime she tried to use it she would orally make the little clicky sound. Apparently, this drove her main squeeze to the edge of all the sanity he knows. She continued this little game for about an hour - then stopped - and the next time she hit the signal stick - HE MADE THE SOUND with out thinking about it. GENIUS!!!!

This morning, I made a show of putting Icy Hot on my hand -- and then repeatedly walking behind the fresh from the shower Phenom. Now, I've creatively used Icy hot to torture before - so the Phenom DANCED trying to avoid the application that never came. HEH HEH.

Now, go out there and scam as if your little lives depended upon it -- for someday, it just may be your ability to scam that keeps my kind from destroying your kind -- heh heh.

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