Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gots to make the doughnuts . . . .

For some time now, I've had this sneaking suspicion that I went into the wrong profession. I love what I do. I love the humans I work with, most of the time. I find the work challenging and fulfilling - well, fulfilling to my heart - but not my pockets.

Recent rounds of bullshit have made me wonder if perhaps there were a "better" job out there - and by better I mean, less bullshit, similar hours and benefits, less stress.

Well, today, the annual "what people make" edition of Parade Magazine came out. I love this one because I find it interesting the range of jobs people have and what they make. Where else are we going to learn that a dead artist makes more in a year than a dead scientist? (I for one find it interesting that humans value dead art more than dead science - there could be hope for you people yet.)

What has me swilling more than recreational amounts of coffee today is learning that a doughnut fryer could buy and sell my monkey butt. I can fry dough. I love fried dough. I believe that fried dough is one of the few things on this planet that transcends time and place. EVERY culture has fried dough in one form or another. Fried dough just might be the link that ensures world peace. And, clearly, being a fryer of dough is a revered and respected profession.

Now, how does one become qualified to work as a dough fryer? Is this the sort of thing you just start doing and people know to show up? And, are there "middle of the night" fried dough emergencies? Will drunk people page me in the middle of the night demanding I return to my fryers to meet their needs?

There could be a future in this for me. I wonder if anyone would buy fried dough at a place called "monkey nuts"? hmmm, perhaps I need to work on the name. . .

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