Thursday, March 15, 2007

Battle of the Sexes: score one for the women

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For years, I've suspected that women ball players were tougher physically than men players. Over the years, I've seen men players sit games out for all sorts of injuries that really didn't sound all that serious. I promise, I once saw that a male player skipped a game claiming he had a "strained eyelash." On the flip side, I've seen women players compete with all sorts of injuries.

Years ago, the head coach of the world famous UT Lady Vols was in labor, but wouldn't leave to go to the hospital until after the recruit in her office signed her letter of intent.

And, today, there is a story of a women's college basketball coach who coached her team in a regional tournament just 5 hours after giving birth.

I'm not sure it that's tough or crazy. I doubt there's a man who would do that.

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kris said...

I think you're probably right about the gender difference. That said, I'm pretty sure - nay, completely sure - that I am one woman who five hours after giving birth would be a) griping at the nurses/my husband/my mother or b) passed out cold. Or b2) having a glass of wine before passing out cold.