Sunday, February 25, 2007


yeah, fair warning - it's a cat post.

We have a cat named Toad. Once upon a time, he was named Prime. It was a nerdy thing. He is the son of another cat we use to have called Mr. Cat - and the derivative of Cat was Cat Prime, so the name Prime. But, as with so many of our cats, the name de-evolved into something more befitting his personality.

Toad is a divinity. I'm just not sure what flavor.

He was born nearly 16 years ago on Easter Sunday in the bed of a local philosopher. Toad was the only kitten to survive in his litter. His father, Mr. Cat, was a particularly good father -- taught him to use the box, hunt, etc. Toad loves all beings. He wants all who enter our home to kiss his head. He actually will crawl up on people and thrust his head towards their mouths for kisses. He also loves all other cats and dogs and rabbits. To my knowledge, these are the only other critters he's had contact with, well, other than me.

When we moved into this house, he immediately went to windows and bellowed out -- and sure enough, very quickly, local stray cats knew to come to our house for free food. Any new cat that is brought into our home will quickly learn that he will love them, groom them, and curl up and sleep with them.

He is totally at one with his world. We suspect that he is reincarnated from a Dali Lama or will be a Dali Lama in his next life. It's kinda awesome to be entrusted with such a soul.


Anonymous said...

I have an orange and white cat named Toad. He is v. friendly and food obsessed. Is yours orange as well?

The Super Bongo said...

Another cat named Toad!!! That's great. But, no, my Toad is black and white. He has a white face, with the black coming to points in the corners of his eyes like a mask, and he has a black nose. Once upon a time, we had an orange cat - Buster. Buster was terribly neurotic and had asthma.