Saturday, February 17, 2007

" . . . I can hardly think of two . . ."

I had to attend a total waste of time regional managers meeting today. I can't believe I spent four hours in the car for a two hour meeting, nothing of which couldn't have been covered in a well written email. But, I did get a chance to drive around a bit in the country and listen to long stretches of music.

A song I listened to has a line "there must be a thousand things you would die for, I can hardly think of two . . ." It made me think, what would I die for? The Phenom? A stranger? Another monkey or critter? My community? The planet? I can't imagine ever being put in the position in which the entire planet could be saved if I were willing to die . . . but if it did, would I be willing?

Several years ago, I read a story in the news about a bank manager who was kidnapped and forced to open the vault at her bank and give the criminal lots of money. She did it because he told her that he'd placed bombs at the town's elementary school and if she didn't cooperate, he'd set the bombs off. Since he was toting a gun and being very scary, her life were literally on the line. I don't know if she thought of it in terms of her life in order to save the lives of many children. But, according to the news story, she didn't even think twice about following his instructions in order to save those children. (no bombs, and he was caught).

I don't know if you can legitimately ask what you'd be willing to die for without the scenario being eminent. From the comfort of my home, I don't know if I'd brave being killed on the off chance a wacko did put bombs at a school. But, in the situation, I think you have entirely different priorities.

Maybe this is another GOOD human trait?

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